I get asked all the time "What do you think of crossfit?" "Do you do Crossfit?" "Should I Crossfit?"

Here's the low down on what I think. I am a fan of anything that gets people up and moving. If programmed and coached properly with proper regressions and progressions I think crossfit can be a very productive regime. I do believe that it needs to satisfy a few requirements before you "drink the kool-aide" so to speak. I think you should look for a box that has an on-ramp program not just a few skill sessions so you kind of know what the prescribed exercise is. Hey you're a newbie take the time to learn the movements you will last longer and have better gains. Secondly, how long has the coaches been.... well coaching? I know that all my crossfit friends will agree with my next statement. Just because you have been doing crossfit for 6 months doesn't mean you should and open your own box! Third requirement, how much time is spent working on mobility? Since much of crossfit is gymnastic type movements and olympic weightlifting mobility is key.

I personally don't crossfit. It doesn't match my goals, but like I said I don't think anything is wrong with it. I do wish there was more emphasis on becoming better coaches. Experience speaks volumes spend time under the bar and keep an open mind. This isn't just a crossfit problem but a problem across the entire weightlifting community. We have an epidemic of the blind leading the blind.

Finally I tell people that ask me if they should do crossfit a big fat NO. Why? because I think they should train with me haha (I never want to give up clients). If it matches you goals go for it. Find a box that stresses a beginner "on ramp" program not just a class or two. Find out how long and experienced the coaches are. If you need help finding a box in Kentucky email me or comment below I know several boxes that I would recommend.