The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

I've been in the gym for a very long time, I've seen countless mistakes and made that many more.  After 20 years of competitive lifting experience that has crossed three disciplines (Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and now Strongman) I have learned the biggest mistake you could ever make in the gym whether your a competitive lifter, gym rat, body builder or weekend warrior.  

Any guesses on what it could be? It's not a perfect set/rep scheme. It's not deloading, intermitten fasting, going to failure, taking rest days, paleo, six meals a day, it's not maxing every time you step into the gym.  The biggest mistake you can make in the gym isn't even Crossfit.  It's not squatting high or with the dreaded butt wink God knows there's thousands of articles about that.  Are you ready????


I've seen some very strong "kids" and I call them kids because they won't listen, destroy themselves and make zero progress.  In fact the only progress they make is getting injured.  I've had reputable coaches ask for input on programs only to get the well you don't know and not accept any suggestions.  Listen to everyone no matter what coaching experience they have they might see something or ask the right question to make you think or adjust your technique.  I've known very strong guys that it wouldn't matter if a Pro, a legit Pro, was standing right in front of them they wouldn't take the advice.  Many times these kids lift with their egos not wanting to drop the weight.  I've heard these kids scoff at warmups, mobility, foam rolling anything that would make them better.  If you're uncaochable then you're not going to last long.