Some Forgotten Movements

I get asked all the time "what is something I can add to my workout?" I first always say a mobility based warm up, but "Oh yeah I warm up and stretch and stuff!" I like to add in a sled drag. Why would dragging a sled help me? Well I like to do a weighted sled drag for 20 minutes straight. It gets the heart rate up for a sustained period, it "resets" the hips, and gives a good bump to the posterior chain. The variations to sled dragging are endless. We can drag forwards, backwards, sideways, turn it into a row, a chest press.... With sled dragging the impact is low and it can be used on a recovery day or loaded heavy as an assistance movement.

Another movement that I like to suggest for people to add would be some type of weighted carry. This could be a farmers carry with two weights in either hand or one weight to one side. There are countless variations as well. I really like a bear hug carry, it really makes the core stabilize. Kettle bells in a front rack carry are really effective for strengthening and stabilizing the core. Weighted carries aren't about grip strength, no not at all its about core stabilization and if performed heavy enough lower quad and hip development. Don't believe me? Strap 300#'s in each hand and take off running!!!

I feel everyone could use some additional upper back work. A band pull a part is a perfect way to help with upper back development and over all shoulder health. Simply grab a band, stand up straight, while keeping the arms straight pull the band across your chest. (Look back over our page at the movement of the week the pull a part was featured.)

These are just a few things I like to add in. If you would like help with programming we offer customized monthly programming and online coaching along with nutritional help as well.