The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make In The Gym

I am a gym rat always have been always will be. The gym is my home, my business, the laboratory where I experiment, the stage where magic happens in changing people's physiques. I have been in competitive lifting in some fashion for the last 19 years. I have seen a lot of mistakes and have made countless mistakes myself. Listed below are probably the three biggest mistakes I see in the gym, and these just aren't newby mistakes.

1) NO WARM UP : I see this countless times, a person comes into the gym does some arm circles maybe touch their toes (if they can) then jumps right under a bar. Not going to lie I am some what jealous of these people. If I didn't warm up and jumped right in I would snap everything up. All of my clients do a standard warmup and depending on the day and any corrective issues a more specialized warm up is implemented.

2) Picking the Wrong Weight : This is a biggie. Guys tend to go to heavy and girls tend to "under load". I got asked the other day by a "trainer" who just quarter squatted 365, "How do you get used to heavy weights?" I responded by saying I just lift them. Clearly the rationale of doing more weight with less range of motion is contagious. Many times a weight is so heavy that the lifter can't perform the lift safely. Back up and check your ego. On the flipside I've seen ladies perform countless reps with little or no exertion. Learn to push yourself not punish yourself!

3) Reinventing the Wheel : We constantly have to master and revisit the basics. I always say "If you think you're too big for the basics guess what you're not you're just stupid!" I see people stack up plates and block to put their feet on so they can do a sway back half push up. I really like the old school classic of standing on a bench to do a RDL but not going past the shin. Learn to squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry things.