Fast Lane to That Summer Bod

Ok, summer is right around the corner and with that means swimsuit season. The problem is we may have lost some steam from that New Year's Resolution we started back in January but is it too late??? How can we fast track ourselves to that swimsuit ready body? At Underground Athletic Development we use a very simple "formula" to get that swimsuit body back.

First off we only use compound movements. Well whats a compound movement? We define a compound movement as an exercise that uses multiple joints, like a squat, deadlift, or an overhead press and generally incorporates free weights if the client is ready.

Second, we like to pair or superset these compound movements together but we have to be careful when pairing these compound movements together so that we do not diminish the training effect. For instance, we may pair a back squat with a pull up or a pull down. In a given workout there generally would be four sets of two different supersets.

Third, we keep the rest period short around 60 seconds between sets and we are not afraid of volume (higher reps) and higher intensity (weight).

Fourth, at the end of each session there is a short tabata style conditioning session and a special exercise depending on the clients weakness. The special exercise could be a corrective measure, for instance a hip imbalance, or a muscle weakness.

This four step system is used two to three times a week depending on the fitness level of the client. Two other days a week a sprint protocol is used. Now when we say sprint it doesn't necessarily mean running. We can sprint on a C2 rower, exercise bike, prowler... The sprint protocol we use requires 4-6 all out 30 second sprints with a 2 minute rest interval. An ab exercise is usually prescribed to the client as well.

With this simple formula and a clean diet we can make amazing transformations and put you in the fast lane for that swimsuit bod!!!! For additional help message us for your free consult and to set up your personalized online programming or individual training sessions.