Clean Eating Away From Home

Many of the Underground Faithful have very busy lives and jobs that require them to be on the road for most of the day if not for weeks at a time. I hear the question all the time, "What am I supposed to do? What can I eat?". Before I started training full time I had a job that required me to travel extensively. Day to day I may be in some small town in "who knows where USA". I did a lot of prep work so that I could eat clean. I had to plan on meals that didn't require a microwave. I ate a lot of raw foods such as vegetables and nuts. For protein sources I relied on tuna, hard boiled eggs, beef jerky, cold chicken breasts and steaks usually on salads. I also had the occasional protein shake and most gas stations have a microwave, so you don't always have to eat cold food. But hey we all get lazy from time to time and don't do our meal prep and while on the road and in a hurry sometimes fast food joints are all there is.

Here are some tips to make eating on the road a bit easier:

  • First let's set up some ground rules. Just because its low calories doesn't mean its good for you. For instance an Egg McMuffin is only 290 calories. That's 290 calories of grains, processed cheese, "Canadian bacon" and liquid margarine (read as a chemical crap storm)
  • Beware of condiments. I don't understand it but every thing tastes better when dipped in ranch dressing but that's a lot of empty calories. Watch out for fried sides. Yes we may have made a pretty good choice for a meal but not going to lie french fries smell good. I mean come on fat, carb, and salt all in one neat little bag!!!
  • Don't be guilted by liquid calories. Yes we made it through the end of the order and then the dreaded question "What would you like to drink with that?" Don't be drawn in by the glorious picture of a Coca-cola classic bubbling with its sweet sugary goodness.

Alright now that those are out of the way what are my choices?

Well for breakfast you can order just a side of eggs off the menu. It may throw the cashier for a loop because they can't find the picture but it's there. Three orders of eggs and we have plenty of protein and fat to get us going. You can add in some oatmeal as well. Have a cup of coffee or water and you're good to go.

Lunch and dinner are an easier option. Every fast food joint has a side salad of some sort but we have to be careful of the dressing we choose. As I mentioned above ranch compliments everything. Choose a vinaigrette or no dressing at all. Every fast food joint also has a grilled or charbroiled sandwich option. Order the grilled sandwich toss the bun and put the grilled meat on your salad. And finally lets kick the drink option to the curb. Ask for water (its free) or an unsweetened ice tea.

These might not be the most tantalizing options on the menu but hey on the road it's about survival. If you don't like these options we really only have to alternatives take the time to do your meal prep or eat crap and feel like crap. It's tough out there for the "road warrior", I've been there I feel your pain. Stay tough, stay disciplined and reap the benefits.

-Coach Justin